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I’m sad

Sorta kinda praise for the great idea

It is unnerving to consider putting our faith as a QA team in a tool that doesn't seem to have much activity around. The forum here is pretty quiet, the FB page has little activity. The blog posts are infrequent...

I'm not tying to bash it, I LOVE the concept. I just wish it was stronger against javascript on the pages I test so it doesn't crash the extension. I am eager to see if this evolves into something more dependable.

I left this comment then found on the blog this post from 2015 -

In it you claim Tellurium is better than Selenium because “...Selenium IDE doesn’t play nicely with some common website features, like JavaScript...”

You know your own extension has the same issue. Smells disingenuous to me.It's disappointing since I like the tool, but now I'm not sure.
  • Hi Bud,

    Thanks for the "sorta kinda praise"!

    Just to give you some background on Tellurium, it was originally developed without the browser extension as a way of creating easy to understand automated tests for websites and web applications.  If you were just scripting the tests (sans browser extension) then you'd end up with automated tests that are far more powerful, robust, and maintainable than what you get with something like Selenium IDE.

    We introduced the browser extension later in Tellurium's development to assist testers with the scripting process.  It's something that we know needs work, especially with the way that browser technology is constantly changing, but unfortunately don't have the resources to devote to it right now.  We hope to pick it up again soon and make it more robust as well.

    In the meantime, scripted Tellurium tests still provide a great option for creating, managing, and sharing your automated suite, especially considering that you can do that all for free.

    Thanks for the feedback,
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